Making Naruto headbands.

The boys (and the girls) wanted Naruto headbands so we made them.

We went and found an instructible online and used that. First we cut the metal part out of an Arizona tea can. 

This is what it looks like on the back, but you won't see that. 

punch holes and put  paper brads in them. 

We looked up the village symbols and put them on the headbands. 

I pressed the design into the front with a ball point pen, and then went over it with a paint pen.

Took fabric and made headbands.

They each wanted a different color.

I attached them to the headbands with the brads.

the only problem now was that the brads were sticking out on the back.

To solve the problem, I put fabric on the back.

I just sewed it on the sides with the machine. Yay, I didn'thave to do ANY handstiching on these!

Tying it on to try it out.

Not really the hard part.

The Naruto look.

Ready to do Jitsu on everything.