We made chewing gum.

Steve got a kit online.

This is mostly finished gum, but I wanted to show the box. The kit uses real chicle. 

You melt the chicle in a special container on the stove over water. 

It's a really good idea to use their container, it got so sticky that it never all came out.

After it was melted it was kneaded with powdered sugar and flavor.

Very sticky.

 andrei getting into the mess.

 he said that it was really bitter until the sugar was kneaded into it.

After it  is kneaded with sugar.

big ball of gum.

Cut it up into reasonably bite size sections after rolling flat.

I know it's not real pretty, but we aren't making it commercially.

Here is our finished gum.

It is cut into reasonably chewable sizes and we stuck it into separated  bags so that the flavors wouldn't get wierd.

Then you chew it!

It was good. Pops really well and blows great bubbles!